We can live without the wine. Maybe, we do not want to, but we can. We care about the wine in so many ways because it gives us pleasure at the least. For some, the wine is the only pleasant and sensual diversion. Others dive much deeper into it and they are intrigued by the diversity of wine. Wine can be a convenient hobby. Other people are more interested in the wine's role in history and culture. However, some of us are inspired by the enormous beauty of the wine to pleasantly speculate on the meaning of the aesthetic experience.

Not many things can provide such beauty in such clear form. The beauty is something we need primevally. The wine leads to beauty. The beauty leads to gratitude. The gratitude leads to respect, and respect leads towards the prayer. On the other hand, no matter who we pray to, it leads to a particular consciousness that everything around us is filled with the Heavenly. And the beauty of all is when you wish to experience the Heavenly you do not need a lot of effort or a spiritual practice, you do not have to meditate or attend the séances. All you have to do is to be ready to relax and rise out of your life just for a few moments.
This will not make you holly or especially good person, but what you can achieve is to stop wasting your short life just for a moment. All of us crave for a beauty. The different consciousness of that crave is what makes us different. The wine has always been unusually clean bearer of the beauty. It is like music in many things; we feel it without a word and without asking for sympathy. In that sense it is much clearer than the music for which we often say it can bring up certain emotions. The wine is the liquid music. Since it carries the beauty so much it must be respected in a very delicate manner. It is very easy to walk over it and pollute it with the obsessions and manipulations.
If we are sensitive about the beauty we will appreciate other things more. While we do it we might become more aware of the difference between the real and the false in many things, including wine. There are three questions that we must ask: Who are we to claim that everything is meaningless? Why was my soul a stranger to me? Why do I accept the cheap and the false when the worth and the real is everywhere around.

The beauty is more than than the appearance. The harmony is more distinct than the force. The unity of any wine must be more than a mere number of its ingredients. The diversity is more important than superficial attraction. The soul is more important than anything and it can be recognized in triune of the family, the earth and the skill.